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2nd Edition
RCE Quixley and JME Quixley
Extensively updated and expanded from the 1966 edition
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Bob Quixley

The first edition of Antique Maps of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly was published in 1966. A vital and unique reference for map dealers and to enthusiasts ever since, Bob had always planned on an updated second edition. However, multiple interests, four children and a highly successful career in teaching made this an impossible task. Retirement appeared to provide the opportunity to realise this dream but failing eyesight made progress frustratingly slow. Attempts to use some external assistance in collating new ideas, cartographers and references for the new edition were tried with mixed results until Jon's return from the USA in 2015.

Jon Quixley

Growing up in West Cornwall and with an interest in geology and maps inherited from Bob, Jon embarked on a career in the Oil Industry that took him and his family across the globe. With thoughts of an updated revision to "the book" always in the back of his mind, a return to the UK allowed him the opportunity to take on the task of completing the second edition, a project that had stalled over previous years.

Jon took on the not insignificant challenge of not only re-booting the project but adding significant contributions of his own and bringing the long held ambition of the new edition to final fruition.

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"Quixley" became a by-word for THE reference to go to when researching maps of Cornwall


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