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Eng. Van Langeren, Pub. Simmons then Jenner

(102mm x 102mm)

The following is an excerpt from the book, the full section is only available in the printed version:

Matthew Simmons (1608–1654) was a member of the Stationers’ Company, a printer, bookseller and publisher.

The first edition of ‘A Direction for the English Traviller’ was produced by Simmons in 1635 and engraved by Jacob Van Langeren.

Simmons’s tabulation is similar to Norden’s and is almost a direct copy – the order of towns along both sides is almost the same, with three places added: Mousehole, Milbrook and Grampound, and one removed ((St.) Austell). The towns shown by initials on the map are those listed in the distance table, though only with intimate knowledge of the county would one be able to match the letters to the towns. The map has been drawn with a simple compass set behind it. The Irish and Brittaie Seas are shown, along with the ‘Maine’ sea or Atlantic. In the bottom left below Plymouth is a basic scale of 0-10 with no further elaboration.

At the base of the frame is the number 9 – presumably the plate number.

The third edition, published the same year (1636), contained an addition to the table: the distances to London were added to the end of each row.


  • 1635   A Direction for the English Traviller, by Matthew Simmons. Reprints: 1636, 1636.

  • 1643   Reprinted by Thomas Jenner, erased, re-engraved and enlarged. Added three maps (England,                   Wales and Yorkshire) 1657, 1662, 1668, 1677 & 1680.

  • 1649   A Booke of the names of all the Hundreds contained in the Shires of the kingdom of England…             Printed for Thomas Jenner and to be sold at the Royal Exchange.

  • 1657   A Booke of the Names of all Parishes, Market, Towns, Villages, Hamlets and Smallest Places in             England and Wales by M.S. (Mary Simmons, wife of Matthew) for Tho: Jenner at the south                     entrance of the Royall Exchange, London. Re-issued 1662, 1668 (twice). Reprinted in 1677 by               S.S (Samuel Simmons, son of Mary & Matthew) for John Garrett and sold at ye Royall                           Exchange in Cornhill… and later the same year with a slight alteration in the title.

14-Simons-1635 copy.jpg

A Direction for the English Traviller, Simmons. 1635

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